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    Sesh Supply

    Sesh Supply: Refining The Bong Experience


    Sesh Supply is a firm dedicated to bringing the best that smoking has to offer you from around the world. So if you want your next smoke to be memorable, reach for a Sesh Supply manufactured to know the difference between regular smoking pipes and Sesh Supply.

    Sesh Supply is based out of Savannah, Georgia and each and every piece that they churn out is designed in an intuitive manner.

    It manufactures dab rigs, bongs, smoking accessories, bubblers etc.


    Unique Creations

    The amazing thing is that each article that is created by Sesh Supply is from the creature which is similar to the article, or from one of the Greek characters. The company has identified in the marketplace that comes out with unique percolators.

    The most popular percolator among the smoking community from the stable of Sesh Supply is the spinning propeller perc.


    Quality That Lasts


    The other important import thing to notice about the company is that they only use high-quality materials for making their products. This makes them last longer thereby giving you the peace of mind of its longevity.


    Taking designing to a new level

    The team behind conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing is very passionate about their work and take interest in intricately crafting the best products for its customers. This is seen in the merchandise they come out with. This is the reason they keep setting new standards for themselves and raising the bar every time -- not just for themselves but also for established industry players.



    Any person who has used Sesh Supply products will never go back to using any other smoking product for the refinement it offers.

    Just one look at their various products on their image blogging site is enough to give you an indication of the ornate and intricate detailing that goes into making their products.


    Novelty in Percolators

    Just to give you a gist: it has got a bubbler in the shape of a hammer, a perc in the shape of a cube, a banger cap with the design of a purple stork, the ultimate being the spinning perc in the design of a UFO, thus helping smokers imagine of travelling to a new planet, and the list goes on.

    Here you can see how it is leading the way for designers not only in the smoking technology but across industries. Don’t be surprised if in the near future you find that Sesh Supply has won a best innovators award or an award for being the best designer or creative designing etc.


    Reasonable Pricing

    One of the best things about Sesh Supply is that it has kept its pricing at the market entry level and therefore making affordable to anyone to experiment with. Even newbies and young adults can have a chance try their any new bubbler or a bong for a reasonable price and then graduate to buying a product priced at a higher range with better features and designed in a more embellished manner.


    How You Experience Smooth Pull?

    One would assume why Sesh Supply gives so much emphasis on the percolators.

    Let’s see what exactly a percolator does:-

    A percolator is nothing but a device used in a bong or a water pipe to cool down the smoke. The reason it is required is that without it the smokers will have a rough smoke and would cough frequently. By cooling down the smoke, smokers are able to get a more refined and smooth inhalation of smoke. Thus, the role of a percolator becomes all the important if you have a sensitive throat or are not able to endure harsh smoke.

    How it does is that when you inhale, the water in the bowl is set in motion to travel up the tube. While traveling up, it again meets with the water in the percolator one more time. At this stage, the percolator filters out the excess heat and sends the smoke up through the pipe for the smoker for inhalation.

    There are many people who have a hard time inhaling or smoking from a bong. If you find yourself in this category, then please try adding a percolator to your bong for a more distilled and a cleaner experience.

    Some people are of the opinion that inhaling a refined smoke, thanks to a percolator, makes you go more dazed and high. But that is just not the case. In fact, if any, because of the presence of the percolator, one is able to reduce the amount of kick one gets in a pull and can enjoy more of smoking for a longer period of time. Thus, a percolator is crucial in enhancing the overall experience of smoking. Without it, smoking a bong would be just another tedious thing to do and many people would quit it after a few sessions. Thanks to percolators people can now enjoy smoking for many years to come.

    Another way to refine your bong, even more, to add a diffuser, as it enters the same pole from where smoking is done. People use this to make the bong experience smoother.


    Thus, we can say that giving a distilled and a clear experience is at the core of Sesh Supply, and one would never be wrong in starting with or graduating to any of their creations in the near future.