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    Health benefits and how to use CBD oil

    Health benefits and how to use CBD oil

    Health benefits and how to use CBD oil


    Health benefits and how to use CBD oil


    CBD has a lot of uses and can be used in a lot of different ways.  CBD has been known to help anxiety, eating issues, sleeping issues and severe and chronic pain.  It is currently counted as a health supplement and is undergoing more research to determine medical benefits.  CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and is currently used in the form of an oil or pill.  It can also be put into edibles like brownies or cookies, or put it into a vape pen.


    What does CBD help


    CBD has been known to help a large number of issues.  It can help anxiety, severe and chronic pain, inflammation, eating issues, and sleeping issues.  It is also anti fungal so it can be used for athletes feet and the other tine fungi.


    Anxiety, sleeping and eating issues


    CBD has been known to reduce the occurrence and feelings of anxiety.  CBD effects the endocannabinoid receptors in the body, which is what causes it to be effective in fighting against anxiety.  Where high amounts of THC can activate these receptors and cause anxiety, CBD works as a blocker and stops it from occurring. It has also been know to help with sleeping and eating issues.  As a supplement, the side effects of CBD are increased appetite and drowsiness.  For people who do not sleep or who have appetite issues, these ‘side effects’ may not be side effects at all.  It also helps cancer patients who are on chemo to get a better appetite and sleep easier.  


    Inflammation, severe pain and chronic pain


    Severe and chronic pains something that a lot of people deal with.  Conditions like Fibromyalgia and arthritis cause people pain every single day.  A lot of chronic and severe pain comes from inflammation.  CBD helps to reduce general inflammation, therefore reducing pain.  Because CBD blocks the receptors that it does, it can also help to dull general pain as well.


    The fungus is among us


    CBD is a natural anti-fungal.  This means that it can help certain kinds of fungus.  You should always check with your doctor or a medical professional, but if you have athletes feet, jock itch, ring worm or scalp fungus, CBD may be a treatment option for you.  It is a natural helper, and if you do not need medication, why use it?  Pair CBD oil with some coconut oil and you have an anti-fungal that can’t be bought in the store or beat.


    How to use CBD

    CBD can be used in many ways.  It can be taken in pill form or oil form.  Oil is normally taken underneath of the tongue and a pill is taken as a normal pill would be.  For those who have issues taking their CBD in this fashion, the oil can be placed into any standard oil vape.  If you do not want to feel like you are doing a ‘drug’ or taking a medication, you can always use CBD oil in your baked goods, plus you can mix it in to most drinks.  A lot of people place it on their salads with their oily salad dressing.  CBD oil can also be used topically as a skin cream and pain relieving cream.


    So, CBD is awesome then



    It is a wonder, that with everything CBD possibly has the ability to do and has possibly done, that more people are not using the substance.  Even if you get CBD oil to take as a daily supplement, you may be doing yourself a huge favor.  As always, check with your doctor or medical professional before you make any decisions to add anything to your diet or medical regimen, but you may be pleasantly surprised at the number of doctors who are recommending  that their patients do just that.